Who We Are

Superior BT Holdings Inc (SBT) is a premier holding company. Focused investments are carried out via its subsidiaries across a wide range of industries with the primary goal of investing in various sectors including construction, mining, trading, insurance, real state, etc.

The company is respected for the active role it plays in the companies in which it invests, and its ability to add value to investments across a wide range of industries. It does this by fostering talent and encouraging initiative at all levels.

The company has a long-term investment perspective and prefers to grow initially in fields where the management has significant experience. The company make most investments using equity and with a strong support from financial banks which allows optimum flexibility in terms of financing, and consequently swift investment decisions.

SBT maintains close relationships with its investments and is perpetually devotes effort to developing its networks in order to identify appropriate further investment opportunities.

Under the leadership of the Company’s Founder and Chairman, inspired by a forward-looking mindset, flexible investment strategies and sustained value-added services, SBT is geared toward cultivating influential enterprises. At the same time, SBT pays high attention and gives full play to talents, discovers and trains leaders in various industries, and provides a career platform for its employees, all of which have greatly stimulated the corporate’s vitality for development.

The SBT head-quarters operate in the leading financial and central business district in the Philippines located at the heart of Alabang, Muntinlupa in Metro Manila.

SBT is domestic corporation duly registered under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.